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The services offered by Prelement cover all the processes connected to the building structure, this way we can guarantee that our projects can be carried out by the predetermined deadline and in the expected quality.





In order to provide a cost effective, quick and smooth construction, we discuss the different steps of the project in advance during a consultation, and we survey the construction site.


We provide assistance to architect designers with the correct implementation of lightweight wall panel technology, be it a new or an existing design documentation.

Production planning

The static examination of the building structures and the preparation of the wall panel production plans are carried out by Hungarian and Polish structural engineers, based on the relevant regulations of Eurocode standards.


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After the approval of production plans, the production of the wall panels takes place in the factory of Thomas Praefab GmbH in Międzyrzecz, Poland. The factory, operated by German owners since 1978 based on a Danish licence, is specialised in unique lightweight wall panel production and has a capacity of producing 1100 m2 (approx. 5 single family houses) wall panel daily.


We organise the delivery of the lightweight concrete wall panels from the factory to the construction site, with the help of our Hungarian logistics partner.


The wall panels are lifted and placed by mobile cranes. In case of a one-storey single family house the construction of the complete wall structure takes 2-4 working days.

Quality assurance

The design and production processes take place based on Eurocode és ISO9001 standards, the wall panels have CE qualification. The precise construction is provided by detailed technological instructions approved by the manufacturer.


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Should you need a price offer based on your existing designs, please contact our pre-design engineers under Contacts.

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