You can easily calculate the expected material and work costs of your family house’s wall structure and, in case needed, reinforced concrete slabs.

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After filling the form on the left, we we’ll show you the results.

  • Please fill the gross area size for each floor.
  • The calculated, estimated price includes the following:
    • The production, transportation and installation of the lightweight concrete wall panels
    • Cost of reinforced concrete slabs, in case required
  • For the production planning and project coordination, Prelement doesn’t charge any additional fees.

The estimated price based on the entered data includes the costs of an average family house’s lightweight concrete wall structure and, in case required, reinforced concrete slabs (material, work and crane costs).

These structural elements are shown in green and red colour in the illustration below.

The received value cannot be considered as a price offer. For an exact, individual calculation, please get in contact with our colleagues.


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